Postpartum Support  

Having the experienced doulas of DoGB by your side as you expand your family ensures a smooth and supported transition home.  We act as your personal assistant for everything postpartum and baby. As your postpartum doulas, we are available to you to assist in streamlining your days with both emotional support and a second set of hands.   We also offer nighttime support to give you the rest you need so you can thrive as new parents during the day.

We come into your home and meet you where you are.  There is not a one-size-fits-all method of parenting, so we follow your lead as your priorities become our priorities, your goals become our goals, your success becomes our success.

Postpartum services include, but are not limited to:

• Infant feeding support
• Errand running
• Referral source
• Overnight support
• A non-judgmental listening ear

Daytime shifts are a minimum of 4 hours, and overnight shift are a minimum of 8 hours.  




"Fortunately, this is where we found Brooke.  She gave us great tips on how to manage the practical aspects of life with children, such as bath time, babywearing, and where to bring our little one out to eat!  She knows how to save on baby goods and helped us differentiate between the “must have”, “nice to own”, and “unnecessary”—now if only we had met Brooke pre-baby registry!  The time we spend with Brooke gave us the confidence booth we needed to feel comfortable in our own skin as parents.  We can’t recommend her highly enough."

—  Anonymous

Supporting Births At:


Massachusetts General Hospital  ·  Brigham and Women's Hospital · Mount Auburn· Boston Medical Center   ·  Winchester Hospital · Newton-Wellesley Hospital · Beverly Hospital  · North Shore Birth Center · Anna Jaques Hospital · Lowell General Hospital  ·  Salem Hospital  (NSMC)·  Tufts Medical Center ·  Beth Israel Deaconess ·  CHA Cambridge Birth Center  ·  Emerson Hospital  ·  Holy Family Hospital·Lawrence General Hospital · Lowell General Hospital  ·  Melrose-Wakefield Hospital  ·  St. Elizabeth's Medical Center

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