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Turn off Your Mind...

“Turn off your mind, relax and float down stream…” 🎶

The clock will be there for later. But the waiting game is hard. Waters are broken, contractions are there but faint. Hurry up and wait. It seems impossible when you are waiting for your baby to let go and let it be…

You might feel anxious…want to speed things up…feel like you are not in control. Here is the secret…you can always have a certain level of control.

As in other aspects of life, you cannot direct how others live or speak, but you can regulate your own actions, reactions, and words. You can tell yourself to breathe, close your eyes. You can remind yourself that you baby will come when he is ready. You can affirm that your body will get there when the time is right. You breathe, because the reality is that all you *have* to do is breathe.

There are, of course, tools available to assist your body in making progress. There are ways to augment labor, like the use of pitocin, to nudge things along. But there is a time for that, and sometimes it is not the right time. So you bring in your affirmations…my baby is healthy, my body is healthy, I am able to create life, my baby will come and I will hold him when the time is right.

For now, we wait. We hold space for the wonderful chaos that is to come. We hold space for the feelings and emotions that run through. You breathe. You go inward. You turn off your mind, relax, and float down stream.

Peace, love, and laboring (with a little help from…The Beatles)

Xoxo Brooke

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