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  Brooke Rogers  

Brooke Rogers (she/her) always knew she wanted a career that involved helping others.  In 2003, she attended massage therapy school and began working predominantly with pregnant women and new mothers. She was amazed by the strength and energy these women possessed. It was then that she heard the term “doula”, and it was planted in her mind that she would someday find herself supporting new families.

After Brooke’s second baby was born, she came to see how important it was for mothers to have a village of support. She knew that in years past, new mothers often had numerous friends and family members that circled round to care for them after the baby was born. However, in today’s society, that village is often missing. In 2012, Brooke trained with CAPPA (Childbirth and Postpartum Professional Association) to become a postpartum doula.

Since then, Brooke has worked with many families, each with their own unique parenting style. She has assisted parents who practice everything from attachment parenting and co-sleeping to parents who have chosen to put their baby in a crib beginning the first night home from the hospital. She has worked with mothers who chose to formula feed, bottle feed pumped milk, breastfeed, and any combination of feeding methods. Brooke has kept the baby’s sibling busy so Mom could have some bonding time with the newborn, and she has spent time caring for the baby so Mom gets time with her older child/ren. She realizes there are numerous ways to parent; it’s just a matter of finding the way, or combination of ways, that work best for you and your family.

Brooke is a great listener who has a way of putting a first-time mom at ease in her ‘new normal’. She enjoys watching people grow to be confident parents who trust their instincts. 

Shortly after Brooke’s third child was born, she felt it was the right time to expand into supporting births. She believed that a mother could get off to a great start if she felt nurtured and supported throughout her pregnancy and during childbirth. She wanted to help women find their strength and rise above their perceived thresholds of what they could achieve.  Brooke trained through ProDoula both to become a birth doula, as well as further her postpartum doula education.

Since her training, Brooke has supported many women and their birth partners in at all types of births, including non-medicated and medicated births and cesarean birth. She enjoys joining the medical providers and birth partner, becoming part of the birth team, and assisting the laboring mother in finding her inner strength to accomplish a miracle. Brooke believes it is an honor to ensure a birthing mother is heard, supported, and nurtured. She understands that no matter what may happen during a birth, it remains YOUR birth, which is something that no one can take away from you. Brooke would consider it a privilege to be your doula…throughout your pregnancy, delivery, and beyond.

When she is not busy supporting new families, Brooke can be found gardening, taking her golden retriever on hikes, enjoying a cup of coffee with her friends and spending time with her husband and three children.

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